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1.  The right sizedtank.  55 gallon is the recommended minimum size.

  •   The larger your tank, the better.                                                                                              
  •   Long and skinny for greater water oxygenation.                                                                      
  • The more water available, the more stable the water environment.

2.  Decoration. Rock

  • This is the second most important element when setting up your African Cichlids aquarium system.
  • African Cichlids are aggressive, territorial fish and require areas in the tank they can claim as, “their
  • turf”.
  • The use of this rock, better known as, “lace rock”, provides them with natural caves and
  • holes.

3.  Substrate.  More commonly known as, “gravel”.

  • African Cichlids show up great against this medium because of the natural   earth
  • tone colors.

4. Aeration.  The purpose of this is two-fold.

  • First, it provides the water with oxygenation to help maintain a healthy
  • environment within the tank.
  • Secondly, it provides an eye-catching visual effect as a wall of air bubbles rise to the
  • water surface.


  • Flow rate.   Gallons per hour, (gph).  The water in the tank should “turn over”, a minimum of

             3-4 times the volume of the tank.

  • Example:   If you have a 100 gallon tank, the filter needs to have a flow rate between 300 –
  • 400 gph.

6. Heating  Minimum wattage should be 3-4 watts/gallon.

  • Example:     100 gallon tank requires between 300-400 total watts.

7. Air Pump.

8.  Lighting. 

9.  Top.`


11. Stand

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