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African Cichlids water temperature





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Your African Cichlids aquarium temperature can be the single most important component in the life of your

African Cichlids.  They are super sensitive to change in their environment, especially temperature, and a sudden

change can send their immune system out of whack.

A major component of your aquarium system is the heating unitChoose the size of your heater based on 3-5 watts

per gallon  as a guide.  Remember that each heater can raise the temperature of your aquarium water a certain

number of degrees. 

Your African Cichlids  water temperature will fluctuate with the seasons of the year because of the ambient

temperature of the room where your system is located.  Purchasing a quality heating unit will help to maintain a

constant water temperature in your aquarium, minimizing temperature fluctuation on your African Cichlids. 

Controlling the temperature of your African Cichlids water temperature is vital to the health of your fish because

they are cold-blooded animals and it has a direct impact on their well being. Your aquarium water temperature

also influences the biological portion of your filter system, dissolved oxygen content, as well as, ammonia toxicity. 

It can be easy to overlook this component of your aquarium system management.  It is vital to the success of your

cichlids’ aquarium.

Cichlids are sensitive to temperature change, therefore, it is imperative to invest in a quality heater, and an accurate

thermometer.   Monitoring the temperature should be done daily.  A sudden change in your aquarium water could

send your cichlids’ immune systems out of control, and that spells sick fish.

If your African Cichlids water temperature rises to high, low dissolved oxygen content and increased ammonia may


Warm water also increases the metabolism of your cichlids causing them to eat more and grow faster, resulting in

greater waste production.  The biological filtration, which processes nitrogenous waste , may be pushed to its limits.

Effective African Cichlids temperature management is the result of investing in a quality heater based

on the size of your aquarium, an accurate thermometer, and monitoring it by simply checking the

reading daily.


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