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African Cichlids aquarium water parameters


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African Cichlids aquarium water parameters must be kept stable and at proper levels to prevent

stress and ensure healthy inhabitants.  Fluctuating or  below optimum conditions in the water is

one of the main factors of cichlid illness or death.  Regular testing of your African Cichlids aquarium

water parameters can prevent serious problems from happening .  It is vital to do regular readings

of certain aquarium water conditions.   They include:

Temperature. Your African Cichlids are very sensitive to change in their surrounding environment

                              temperature.  Sudden fluctuation can wreak havoc on them.  In addition, stable aquarium

                             water temperature extremes should be avoided as well.  Warm water  can not keep as much

                             dissolved oxygen in it and creates dangerous oxygen-deprived conditions.  Keeping a constant

                             water temperature of 77°F  is ideal.  


pH.  The ” Potential of Hydrogen” is a measurement of acidity or alkalinity.   A pH of 7.0 is considered neutral.

          Readings lower are acidic, while those higher being alkaline. Maintaining the specific level of acidity or

          alkalinity of your cichlids water is also vital to their well-being.  Improper or extreme pH levels can have

          physical affects on your cichlids.  This can cause damage to their gills, eyes, or even death, as a result. 

         African Cichlids require a high pH level between 8.0-8.2.


Ammonia.  This is extremely toxic to your cichlids and can cause problems ranging from gill disease to being fatal. 

                         Monitoring this African Cichlids aquarium water parameters is a must and corrected immediately if

                         present in your  aquarium water. 


Nitrite.  An elevation of  African Cichlids aquarium water parameters could be an indication of a problem with your

                  biological filtration.  This needs to be addressed immediately because even low levels of nitrite suppress

                  your  cichlids immune systems.  This can quickly be fatal to your fish if levels in the aquarium water remain



Nitrate.  Levels of this in the water are not as toxic as the previous two African Cichlids aquarium water parameters.

                   But,  it also needs to be monitored on  a regular basis to avoid stress on your cichlids. An elevated level of

                   nitrate in your aquarium water can welcome an unwanted, aggressive guest- Algae !  A final thought on your

                   African Cichlids water parameters is, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate  levels need to remain  at a constant,

                  undetectable reading when you do water tests.


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