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Successful tank placement of your African Cichlids aquarium depends on research and preparation concerning

fundamental aspects including the  placement of your aquarium and size to avoid costly mistakes.  Location,

location, location. This is the key to your African Cichlids  tank placement.


Most important, place your tank where it is easily accessible for maintenance.  Just as people need space around

them, so does your aquarium system, such as the back, for filtration and  the top, for water changes and lighting.  If any

equipment is going to be located in a cabinet, make sure that area has adequate ventilation to avoid humidity and heat.


Place your system no further than 3 feet away from an outlet, away from vents and exterior doors,  AND avoid

direct sunlight.  This is to avoid using extension cords and eliminate a tripping hazard.  Stable water temperature is

imperative to your African Cichlids health.  Locate your system out of direct sunlight , heating and air conditioning vents,

and exterior doors where there may be drafts which could drastically alter the temperature of the surrounding area.

One last consideration for your tank placement is to locate it near a water supply to make water changes easier for you.


Check to see if the floor, “gives” under the weight of your body. Use a level to see if the flooring is even.  If your African

Cichlids aquarium system isn’t level,  you run the risk springing a leak.  Once completely set-up,  your African Cichlids

aquarium weighhs at least 12lbs./gallon of water.   With a 55 gallon system , this will weigh at least 660 pounds.  So,

choose your location carefully, it’s going to be in that spot for a long period of time!  For larger tanks, play it safe,

consult a professional that your flooring system is capable of supporting the weight.  Be sure that your tank

location is level.  If your aquarium is not level it creates increased pressure and stress on the interior of tank glass

which adds the risk of a leak, and the possibility of it tipping over.  Not a good thing either way!


The last consideration for your tank placement  location  is  your aquarium size.   The larger your aquarium, the

happier your African Cichlids will be!  



Giving some thought and consideration to your tank placement before setting it up could be the difference between

an enjoyable aquarium or a continued eyesore  of your hard work and efforts.


Feel free to leave a comment with your experience on this topic.  As a courtesy to your fellow African Cichlids

enthusiasts, please comment on the subject at hand.


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