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Feel free to enjoy the following article before taking in  “African Cichlids World”.



Alrighty!, it’s great to be able to, “kick back” and enjoy your African Cichlids aquarium and its therapeutic benefits.

Viewing your setup serves a vital purpose. It familiarizes you with the, “normal” activities of your African Cichlids,

and provides you with clues  and helps you  to recognize when things are not quit right.  This sensitivity to change

allows you to take action promptly if emergencies should arise.  learning how to recognize and respond to changes

ensures you with a smooth running system system and healthy African Cichlids world in your aquarium!


The information that follows will introduce possible challenges and recommendations to those challengers of

your African Cichlids World.


African Cichlids gasping to air at the water’s surface can be  a sign that there is a lack of oxygen in your water

due to high water temperature or poor water circulation.  Check your water temperature to see if it’s higher

than normal.  if so, turn off your aquarium light, and open the lid on top of your tank cover to let that excess

heat escape and to promote air circulation.  Water circulation should not be an issue if you have a bubble

wall in your tank and its producing that,  “wall of bubbles”.   Check to see that your heating unit isn’t

“over heating,” or feels hot.  If so, unplug the unit let in cool, and get it out of your tank ASAP, and get a

replacement right away.


My African Cichlids aren’t eating. This is normal when they are first introduced into their new environment

because they are stressed.  It is best for your new inhabitants if they  can be introduced to their new home

when it’s dark and quiet in your tank. This helps to reduce their s stress level and not get “picked on”

by anybody.


If your power filter is making noise and driving you up the wall check the impeller to see if its dirty . Put

a bucket underneath the motor, unplug it and twist it off. Be quick because the water in the filter is going to

coming out the second you unscrew the motor!   Simply pull the impeller off of the pin, clean it under some

tap water and  soft bristled toothbrush, replace it back into the motor, plug in it and all should be quiet in your

African Cichlids world!


There is water on top of my African Cichlids world  aquarium top. 

The filter media is probably saturated  and restricting water flow back into the aquarium and causing it to overflow.

Simply remove the media basket and squeeze out the sponge media  in your container of aquarium water, put it

back into the basket and filter.  Be sure the intake valve is not clogged as well.



african cichlids  world


African Cichlid world water parameters.

Low pH can be a build-up of organic material creating an acidic environment for you cichlids.  Do a water change

by vacuuming your gravel and removing the debris.  This needs to be done on a monthly basis, changing 1/3 of

your aquarium water as part of your regular maintenance schedule to avoid this from happening. Monitor your

pH every couple of days until it returns to normal. It is best to let this take care of itself naturally as your first option

because your African Cichlids can handle a 0.3 change in their pH without being stressed.


African Cichlids world is green .

That nasty, aggressive quest is in your aquarium that you did not invite!  Excessive nitrate and phosphate in your

aquarium water can cause this.  A partial water change to reduce these levels and/or incorporating a phosphate

media into your filter system should clear this up.


African Cichlids world illness.

Disease-causing organisms fall into three categories. They are bacterial or fungal infections, and external or internal

parasites.  It is pretty uncommon for your cichlids to suddenly experience any of these organisms. If they should, it is

vital to medicate effectively as soon as the disease has been correctly identified.  Diagnosis can be a bit tricky, so here

are a few tips!  Do not over-medicate.  Depending on the type of disease, either Melafix or Pimafix are excellent

sources of medication.  Once treatment is complete, do a partial water change.



african cichlids world                                              african cichlids world



The most common cause of cichlid disease is stress, as a result of poor water conditions in their environment.

Some key parameters to measure as part of your aquarium maintenance schedule, and for preventive disease control

are temperature, pH, nitrite, ammonia, and nitrate.  If the last three are not zero in an established aquarium, do a partial

water change to reduce that stress level, and increase the water quality for your cichlids!  You should keep Tap Water

Conditioner and Cycle on hand at all times.


african cichlids world                                             african cichlids world



Despite your best efforts to keep your African Cichlids world healthy, the unexpected does happen. The only thing to

do is be proactive and the items mentioned above on hand, and be faithful to yourself and your cichlids on your main-

tenance to reduce stress!


Feel free to leave a comment with your experience on this topic.  As a courtesy to your fellow African Cichlids

enthusiasts, please comment on the subject at hand.


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