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The focus of this article will be discussing the carbon of your African Cichlids aquarium filter.  It not only is a popular

filter media, it is also a beneficial bacterial one, as well!  It is commonly referred to as, “activated” because it has gone

through a process that creates millions of tiny holes, making it extremely porous, and conducive to bacterial growth for

better chemical reaction.  The most common form is coal-based, resembling small pebbles or rocks, and comes in

two varieties. Bituminous, which is usually used in African Cichlids aquarium filter, and Lignite.


In nature, the oceans and lakes are large enough to recycle organic waste on their own.  Your African Cichlids

aquarium water needs help to do keep itself clean and healthy. This is where activated carbon comes into play!



It relies on three chemical principles. Adsorption, absorption, and chemisorption.  When the carbon is placed in your

aquarium water, in relies on Vander Walls, which is a Law of Physics to draw or absorb pollutants and organics,

(adsorbent) into your activated carbon.  Two things then take place.  Bacteria begins to colonize on the carbon surface

and consume the adsorbents, and a chemical reaction takes place to detoxify the pollutants.  The third process is

chemisorption, which keeps those pollutants trapped in your activated carbon.  THIS MEDIA NEEDS TO BE

REPLACED MONTHLY as a part of your scheduled monthly maintenance, and RINSED IN AQUUARIUM WATER



Activated carbon removes a variety of pollutants from your African Cicclids aquarium water, including, copper, chlorine,

dissolved proteins, and other organic and inorganic compounds that can make your water yellow.  It can also remove

any medications  you have used. So, BE SURE TO REMOVE THE CARBON MEDIA FROM YOUR TANK IF



The one challenge with activated carbon and your African Cichlids aquarium filter is that it leaches phosphate, which

is a prime ingredient for algae growth, and we don’t need that stuff!  To combat this, use a high-quality activated carbon.

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