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african cichlids aquarium aeration






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Your filter system not only cleans your aquarium water, it also provides water movement,

contributing to your African Cichlids aquarium aeration.  So, do I need to do anything else for proper water

movement and aeration to maintain a aquarium healthy environment?  Your filter system is not designed to

specifically aerate your aquarium water.  That is where an air pump and bubble wall provide proper African

Cichlids aquarium water aeration.

african cichlids aquarium aeration

Your bubble wall promotes gas exchange by producing air bubbles that rice up through your aquarium breaking

the water surface.  These bubbles are oxygen-rich air that enters your tank, while expelling gases.


Is your African Cichlids aquarium aeration adequate for your system?  To make things more interesting, the

amount of oxygen available to your African Cichlids varies under different conditions.  Your water temperature,

number of fish, and organic waste materials all affect the dissolved oxygen content available, and can lead to oxygen

-deficient water.  Each of these water parameters will be visited.



Simply put, as your aquarium water temperature increases, your oxygen level decreases.  The warmer your aquarium

water is, the less oxygen it can hold, and creates the need for proper African Cichlids aquarium aeration.



The more African Cichlids in your aquarium, the greater the need for a steady supply of oxygen. The same holds true

for larger fish, like your cichlids.



Oxygen naturally breaks down organic waste.  An aquarium with a large amount of organic waste, such as your African

Cichlids, requires additional oxygen to break this waste down and maintain efficient biological filtration.


Finally, an air pump is a key piece of equipment to your African Cichlids  aquarium system and needs to be a part of

the set-up.  Your air pump provides the force behind your bubble wall providing your cichlids with a healthy, oxygen-rich

environment, you with peace of mind, knowing that you have proper African Cichlids aquarium aeration!


Feel free to take in the following article after enjoying, ” African Cichlids aquarium aeration”.


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