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Would an aquarium filled with brightly colored  fish catch your eye?  African Cichlids display every color of the rainbow.

The neat thing about that is they are freshwater fish, and less expensive then  saltwater inhabitants in your aquarium.


cichlids    cichlids          cichlids


African Cichlids are very hardy, intelligent and energetic. They can tolerate a wide range of pH levels They know who

has the food. It’s pretty cool to see them go to the top of the tank when they see the person with the food coming!

Cichlids have a lifespan between 4- to years,  which is longer then most freshwater fish.

They require a larger tank because of their size. On average they will grow to a size between 4-6 inches.  This is

a good thing because a bigger aquarium is easier to maintain and keep their environment stable. What that

means for you is less time cleaning your tank,  giving you more time to enjoy your investment!


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