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african cichlids tank maintenance





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I think it is safe to say that we all want to keep our African Cichlids aquarium water, substrate, and rock work as clean

as the  day we set up our aquarium system by following good African Cichlids tank maintenance.  Easier said then

done, right!  Well, in reality, that isn’t possible because your substrate, and rock work are porous materials where

bacteria is going to settle into crevices and cavities and allow that unwanted guest to visit your aquarium and start to 

challenge your African Cichlids tank maintenance.  Yes, I am talking about that green stuff algae !  This process happens

naturally in any aquarium environment, and is an ongoing cycle from day one after setting up your system.


Kind of a disheartening thing to think about after all of your hard work and time setting up your system!  The focus of

this tip is to let you know the things that need to be done to manage this process in your African Cichlids tank

maintenance program.


It’s quite simple, doesn’t take much time, and needs to be done faithfully as part of your regular, scheduled

maintenance on a weekly basis!  One, is to replace evaporated water.  When doing this, add the required

amount of algaefix to the water you are going to add to your tank before pouring it into your tank.  Secondly,

incorporate carbon media into your filter system.  Third, as part of your African Cichlids tank maintenance, rinse your

mechanical filter media in your separate container of aquarium water by simply squeezing it until all of the debris has

been removed.  That is it!   Practicing this tip as part of your weekly African Cichlids tank maintenance and you will see

results.   Just be patient!


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